Friday, 29 January 2016

Om & Bass Yoga, Dance and Wellbeing Festival 
June 23, 24, 25 Oxfordshire

FREE for kids, FREE parking, FREE camping, FREE solar powered showers :)
Back to back yoga, dance, meditation, crafts, martial arts and other workshops.


All ages and abilities welcome. 
Concessions available. 
Day Passes Available.

Festival Line Up, Important Information And Photos Below.

Festival Address: Braziers Park, Ipsden, Wallingford OX10 6AN
Great live reggae band Friday and Saturday night, and live reggae DJs

For UK and International Yoga Retreats Click Here

Spain, Thailand, Greece and Oxfordshire, UK.

Dear Om & Bassers - Important Information

I am so happy to see so many of you return for the second and third year in a row :) 

We have lots of incredible stalls, deliciously healthy food stands for all dietary requirements and a wealth of wonderful workshops.

There may be last minute changes to the schedule, which are unavoidable but we do our best to replace and re-jig things. There are about 6-8 workshops going on at any given moment so you’ll not be bored :) The updated schedule will be available on and on site of course. 

Thanks for all of your understanding pertaining to the organisation of the festival. I started this festival three years ago for the community to enjoy at low cost and it has grown to 500 people. I am still organising it on my own, so I am really appreciative of everyones support, kindness, understanding and patience. Thanks to every single one of you for making it happen and for the word of mouth which is bringing people to the event who could not normally afford the high costs of other similar events. The teachers all volunteer there time and services: total heroes. Big love and respect.

The main house at Braziers Park is occupied by a separate group this year. Please do not go off the main field at all and do not venture towards the main house, but for jouneying to the classes in The Yoga Barn. We cannot risk disturbing the other group as we are very kindly being allowed to use the top field for our festival. We run the risk of jeopardising the festival if we disturb the house at all ;( 


Please support our charity this year: Donnington Doorstep. They are a family and children's centre, providing vital help and support to families across Oxfordshire. They are an incredible centre, great charity and well worth keeping open with donations. Please give generously on the eventbrite page via


We are extremely excited to have iCapture filming on the Saturday of the festival. The finished product will be available on line for you all to see after the event. 

Doors Open at 3pm and the first workshop is at 5.30pm

Address and getting to us
Use the post code: OX106AN
The Site is located behind the main house. When you approach the main gate for the house, don’t go through the gate, just turn left along the small single track road and take the next right into the field. Didcot train station is the closest but a taxi is about £45 to the house.
Braziers Park, Braziers Lane, Ipsden, OX106AN

Please car pool where possible. Use the FB event page to share lifts. There is a great bus service from Reading and Oxford to Braziers Lane - then a 10-15 minute walk to the site.
Please do not go in the main gate or up to the main house.


Please keep your eventbrite / ticket tailor confirmation on your phone or print them to show on the gate. The gate is secure throughout the festival - no ticket, no entryThis email will suffice if you show it at the gate. No tickets are available on the door. We are basically sold out. The ticket limits are set on eventbrite to max capacity. 


Please take your rubbish home with you. What ever you bring on site, you must take off site at the end. We do not have commercial rubbish removal since we are a small community festival. Take the packaging of your food back to the stall where you bought it so they can recycle etc, or you can take it home to recycle yourself.

The showers are eco - please do not use them for more than a 1-2 minutes otherwise they will just run out. We are so lucky to have solar powered and wood fired outdoor showers. They are such a treat.

The loos are delightfully green compost toilets. Please use a very small amount of sawdust. Bring extra loo roll just in case we run out. Bring a head torch / hand held torch just in case the loo lights run out of battery etc. It’s better to be safe :)


Please note that you as a ticket holder must bear full responsibility for your own safety and well-being throughout the weekend. There is a Camp Fire, there is woodland, logs, holes in the floor, uneven grass and all sorts of random and normal things that you would expect in a field or walking through the woodland to The Yoga Barn - stinging nettles, holes in the field, thistles, signs, tent pegs and so on. Please use your common sense, watch where you and your children are going and keep it real :) Your personal belongings are left at your own risk.

If you have children please make sure you are aware of their well-being at all times. There is an amazing adventure playground, but children must be supervised at all times.  No workshop leader is responsible for your children, so please go with your children to the workshops or keep them within ear shot and in sight. Anyone under the age of 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

We have a lovely Camp Fire during the evenings. Please stay well back behind the white demarcated safety line around the fire. There is a Camp Fire Horn in case the fire gets out of hand, buckets of sand and water close by ;) we have a few fire marshals who will look after the fire, so please don’t get involved in the fire unless you’re one of the peeps officially on fire duty. The fire safety meeting point is on the lawn in front of the main house if there is a fire.

No BBQ’s, no individual camp fires and no loose gas canisters for fire: only stable and safe gas stoves which are encased. If you bring a gas stove on site you must also have an extinguisher

We may have a fire poi display. Please enjoy at a distance and keep children safe :)


Please do not drive onto the camp site or festival under any circumstances. It is not far to walk at all, promise :) All cars must be left in the car park and you’re welcome to borrow wheel barrows. Please drive ultra slow, 5MPH when approach the fest and inside the car park. The festival has significantly grown in size and so the safety aspect has become more stringent. Please park respectfully so that people can leave when they need to.

What to bring

Torch and loo roll
Yoga Mat, blocks, bolster, blanket
Bin Bag for your own rubbish to take home
Money - or set up a paypal account so you can send money online
Car phone charger - we have no power source for charging mobile phones
Tent if you are camping 
Fancy dress
Towel for showers (There is plenty or organic hand made ethical soap etc to buy in small quantities for the showers)
Welly boots (?)
Sun screen and hat 


Totally allowed and totally free. 

Workshops and classes

Please arrive 5 mins early so that we know if a class is over subscribed etc. That way you have time to find another class. Please do bunch yourselves up close and tight in the yoga classes. Let as many in as possible. You can of course use all possible space if the weather is good - fingers crossed! Workshops and classes are first come first served. You may not be able to get into all of your first choices but we are doing our best to accommodate you all. Most workshops are repeated so you should be able to get to everything that you like the look of :)
**some classes ask for a £1 donation for materials. This is optional. You may just turn up and enjoy, or contribute £1 or more. All teachers are voluntary and they all provide the materials. 

BRING A YOGA MAT. Unfortunately we don’t have spares. Festival yoga mats would be very festy - as in totally rank :) Bring your own. The floor is not suitable to use without a mat. Thistles, stones, uneven floor. Bring a mat and a smile to your workshops.


If you are able to help for an hour or two with the gate and parking please let me know. Also looking for volunteers to help pack down on Sunday from 5pm til sun set and Monday morning.

Booze and fageroonies

We don’t have a bar, but you are welcome to bring a (plastic) bottle to enjoy around the Camp Fire. You must take your rubbish home with you. Drunk and disorderly is totes a No No. Decant your booze into plastic bottles and cups please. Leave glass in your tent to take home with you. Glass is a huge deal for kiddie winkles footsies. 

Please do not smoke in the main arenas or in the main field. Please find a spot off to the side of the field. Fag butts must be taken home too please. 

I’m so boring. Thank you and sorry.

Sound System, Bands and DJ’s

We are super excited to announce that we have BASSMENTALITY Sound System with DJ’s Edd Lewington and Claude Barbe-Brown. Live bands on each night also: The Story Tellers and Zaia are local awesome bands to entertain us around the Camp Fire.
Reggae all the way. Chill and dance. Friday music stops at 11pm and Saturday 12 midnight. Music won’t be terribly loud since we have the group in the main house who can’t be disturbed. Dancin’ in the moonlight is totes a thing this year.

Stalls and Set up / Take Down

Stalls must be set up before Friday 11am as no vehicles are allowed on site after 12 noon. Take down of stalls is from 5pm on Sunday or Monday morning. Please do not take down before this. Please submit a Risk Assessment ASAP.

Workshop Leaders

Please send me your insurance asap if you haven’t already.

Theme - Go Wild

We are going with fancy dress for Om & Bass on Saturday night. Please dress up Big-Time-Fun-Time :) free tickets for next year’s fest for adults and kids as prizes. Feel free to decorate your tents too. You can Go Wild…..energetically, with colour, as an animal……interpret as you will.

Unfortunately, no dogs are permitted on site whatsoever. It’s a site policy with festivals at Braziers. Shame, but true.

Apologies if I have missed something out…….big love to you all. See you at Braziers…….let’s go wild.

Rach x

Please note: we do not offer refunds or resale, and we do not accept responsibility for any injury or loss incurred during one of our events.